• Wed. Feb 21st, 2024


Dj Memphis is a Florida Fleet Dj that is from Memphis, TN but currently resides in Jacksonville, Fl. He has always had a passion for music since a young boy but didn't start djing until joining the military in 2000. His first gig was at the non commissioned officers club I also called the NCO club doing Latin night, then country, and finally hip hop night. He started with a pair of Numark CDJs, a Pioneer receiver, and a pair of Cerwin Vega 18s in a wood enclosure. He has travelled all over the world playing for the military and perfecting his craft. He also riders for a motorcycle club and has also played all over the U.S. for club parties. Dj Memphis plays old school from the 50s to current hip hop, rap, r&b, jazz, reggae, some country, latin, pop, and top 40.He currently plays at the Royal Terrace aka The Silver Star on Tuesdays and Sundays. You can reach Dj Memphis on either Facebook at KENNEY MEMPHIS BROWN or Instagram at djmemphis904.

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