• Wed. Feb 21st, 2024

About Us


Kendell Davis to some and Klassik to others, is the founder and CEO of the International Fleet DJ’s was born and raised in Newark, New Jersey. This is where he found his love and passions for music. In 2014, Klassik made the move to Charlotte, North Carolina, where he now resides, and has made it the official home and headquarters of the Fleet DJs. Klassik knew this was his calling as it was deeply rooted in his blood, starting with his father, Sheldon Davis. Mr. Davis was also in the music Industry as a businessman. Not only did he manage artist, he sat on the World Counsel of the Zulu Nation for over 25 years. As assumed, music was a very heavy influence in his family. Growing up in Newark, Klassik was influenced by some of the most legendary individuals. So when you think of Newark, you think of people like, Queen Latifah, Redman, and DJ Mark the 45 King, as those who definitely made a deep impact on the streets of Newark. The Fleet DJs, not only set the trends in music, but also in fashion and lifestyle industries but they have also sparked the movement of the next generation of DJ crews across the globe. The motivation for membership is to empower and educate the core of the music industry–the DJs. The brand has a multitude of the country‚Äôs most influential DJs as well as International DJ Talent as official Fleet DJ members.

The purpose of the Fleet is to empower and educate the core of the music industry, the DJs. Today, some of the most well-known DJs are members of The Fleet including, DJ O.S. on air mixer at 104.5 fm & Pulse 88.CO.UK 88.0 FM IN UK, REEC on air Personality Hot 107.9 ATL 10-2p Mon-Sat in Atlanta, GA, DJ ALAMO legendary mix tape DJ DJ FLOCK Radio Personality Of #OnDaBlockwithFLOCK On 97.9 The WIZ  The BIG Station MON-FRI 7pm to 11pm in Augusta, GA. to name a few The Fleet DJs have successfully presented past retreats in Atlanta 2 times, Charlotte 3 times, 4 years of fleet week in Houston, and 2 fleet weeks in Atlanta and will continue to do so, making their mark in every city that is part of the movement within the music industry. The Fleet Conference unites all industry professionals for a weekend of networking, festivities, and honoring Fleet DJs. While in attendance at the Conference you will be able to participate In various listening sessions, artists meet & greets, and several artists showcases which have seen participation from Atlantic Records, Bad Boy Entertainment, Interscope, Def Jam, Universal Records, CTE,  Jive and host of others.